Big Red is Back

Big Red is Back
Check out DeskCam. I finally got fed up with the faded-ness of my hair, so I took a drastic step: I bought drugstore hair dye. I know! I KNOW! But it’s one-tenth the cost of a visit to my hairdresser. My frugality and laziness won out. I haven’t dyed my own hair in years, so I made the Snook help me. I think we did an okay job! Yeah, I got big stained blobs on the skin around my hairline, but that happens with the stylist too. Happily, the red is great and my grays are covered. Yay!


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  1. Is drugstore hairdye wrong?I know you don’t get the possible layering of colour but is it really wrong?

    I just cannot justify the cost of getting it dyed professionally and I hardly ever make stains or miss any spots…

  2. Actually, I’m really not sure. I may be buying into the myths of the salon. I just kinda figured that the stuff they use is probably more powerful or less damaging or something like that. It actually might not make any difference with a colour like red. I know that with blonde though, the salon has access to much stronger stuff than you get in the box.

    I guess I’m just worried that she’ll catch me out the next time I go in for a haircut! 😛

  3. nice color, it looks great!

  4. If she’s anything like my hairdresser she’ll look at your hair in a “I didn’t do this” kind of way. She’ll look at you and say, “Did you do this? Not bad, next time you may want to…”

    My hairdresser said that you just have to be careful about not drying your hair out, so when you do that all over application, after you’ve done the roots, you may want to add a little water to the remaining solution and really work it into your hair and when you rinse off, dampen it down and really lather it up first, this also help lift the colour off your scalp.

    It’s true about the bleach thing. Though you can buy 40% bleach from Priceline. I burnt my scalp badly last time I bleached. Ouchy. But I have had hairdressers do that to me too. Ouchy and expensive.

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