I know everybody’s already pointed to it, but it just completely blows my mind that Wil Wheaton has a weblog. In fact, it weirds me out that Wil Wheaton grew up at all. I had such a crush on him back in the “Stand by Me” days. He and Barrett Oliver (from “The Neverending Story”) epitomized my idea of the perfect boy. Smart and bookish and skinny and sweet. *sigh* Anyway, if you’re a fellow fan you might also be interested in an interview Wheaton did with AICN last year. Man, he has some issues. (Link courtesy of Ron.)


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  1. like you said, it’s been commented to death on MeFi, but that whole “Ol’ Uncle Willie” thing is pretty icky.

    reading today’s ‘blog, he gets points for mentioning my long-defunct favorite band, Soul Coughing, but those points are briskly stripped from him for his using the words “hella” and “bootylicious” without any clear indication of sarcasm and/or irony.

  2. Yeah, I was a bit skeeved out by some of his comments… but for the most part, he just seemed like a geek. I liked the part where he talked about how much he loves his wife. That was sweet.

  3. Yanno, he really does have issues. He’s *always* bringing up the “we live in different worlds, so-and-so is a multi-millionare” thing.

    I got two words for ya Will…TOY SOLIDERS

  4. Here’s the deal: ANYONE who says Hella or Bootylicious, who has better than a 4th grade education, is CLEARLY using them with sarcasm and irony. I have a masters in Drama. You do the math.

  5. I majored in Drama too. I’m not so good with the math. 🙂

    Seriously, though, what was the best show you did in college? I stage managed a lab production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” that still gives me shivers.

  6. my sarcast-o-meter has been on the blink since i stopped drinking five nights a week. thanks for the clarification.

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