Stinkor ruled!
Gael – who seems to be back to regular posting – pointed to a hilarious story entitled “The Ten Strangest Masters of the Universe Figures Ever!” Didn’t know I was into He-Man, did ya? Well, the babysitter my brother, sister, and I went to all through elementary school had this spoiled rotten little brat of a son named Nathan. And Nathan had every single He-Man toy created. Seriously, every one. So when it was raining and we couldn’t play outside, we played with those damn dolls. We all had our favorites, but I was torn between Stinkor, the skunk-man who actually stank, and the dude with three faces that rotated within his head. Now that was a dumb super power.


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  1. @%^@$@^
    My brother had the entire collection (I got the shaft with Sindy instead)
    The three face dude was the best!

  2. I found him! Check it out. His name was “Man-E-Faces” and he was “three warriors in one! Make him fight as a human, robot or monster!” This site ( rules.

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