Knitting Projects in 2009

Knitting Projects in 2009
A lot of my favourite knitters (miss fee, Bells, RandomKnits, RoseRed, DrK) have been posting “recaps” of their knitting for 2009. I had a look back over my output, and the result was a little surprising. I feel like I knitted constantly but I don’t actually have that much to show for it. I did some baby knitting, I did a couple pairs of socks, I did a couple accessories, and I did a couple adult garments. I guess that some of my knitting energy was expended in my duties for the Inner City Guild group. This is the reason I’m not signing up for any sock or lace clubs this year; I just don’t see my available knitting time increasing for 2010. I’ll have to content myself with fewer, larger projects!

2009 Knitting

1. bmp Socks, 2. Na Craga, 3. Rusted Root, 4. Brycie’s Outfit – Vest, 5. Brycie’s Outfit – Hat, 6. Brycie’s Outfit – Socks, 7. Ribbed Noro Socks, 8. Cranford Mitts, 9. Child’s French Sock in Citron Pattern and Diaper Knitting, 10. Baby Cardigan, 11. Tasman Summer Tunic, 12. Matt’s Random Striped Scarf, 13. Biohazard Socks, 14. Posie Socks

(For those who want to make their own mosaic, I used Mosaic Maker.)


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  1. If I’d knitted Na Craga (or St Brigid) in one year, and that was it, I’d be pretty darn happy with myself!

  2. Well, Na Craga spanned 2008-2009. It took four months! The scary thing is how much faster St. Brigid is going. I guess that speaks to how much more addictive complex cables are than the simple ones.

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