And Goran falls even further in my estimation…


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  1. He was joking, love (see what I did there?).

  2. Yes, you’re very clever. Now when are you gonna update your frickin’ blog? 🙂

  3. ok ok. By the way, for consistencies sake, shouldn’t the whole site follow the same structure? Haven’t you people ever heard of Templates? I know you work for ND but really I expect you to lead by example Kris! ;o)

  4. kris–you work for ND? can you hook me up with some USC tix?


  5. Yeah, yeah… This is just an EXPERIMENT, ding dong. I’m not gonna change the whole site (yet). And don’t talk to me about templates. I’m up to my eyeballs in XSL right now. Grrr.

    ND = Netdecisions.
    ND = Notre Dame.

    Welcome to my confusion.

  6. just funning for my own pathetic benefit.

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