The GooniesAs my Goonies DVD finally arrived the other day, this whole week has been about sampling the delights on that disk. First of all, if you’re a fan of the film, go right now to Amazon and order this thing. It’s fantastic. The highlights:

  • Cyndi Lauper’s “Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” video. I thought that this would just be the same one shown in Mikey’s house during the film, but in fact it was a mammoth two-parter featuring Cyndi, the kids from the movie, and a handful of WWF wrestlers. (Yeah, that was during Cyndi’s random WWF phase.) The plot has something to do with Cyndi’s parents’ gas station (Captain Lou Albano is her dad) being bought out by the Iron Sheik, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Classy Freddy Blassy. But Cyndi finds a hole in the wall and a treasure map and they all end up chasing each other through the catacombs. The first video ends with Cyndi on the log bridge with enemies on either side of her. In the second one she’s captured with the Goonies and taken on board the pirate ship. They discover One Eyed Willie’s treasure and manage to escape back to the gas station. She tries to pay off the Iron Sheik, but he won’t take it. So Andre the Giant comes out and beats them all up. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Snookums, not having lived through that period (and not having had a younger brother into WWF) had no clue what the hell was going on.
  • “Making of ‘The Goonies’ Documentary.” This is a short little doc that looks like it was made for HBO or something. The best part is seeing the kids goofing off together and watching Richard Donner try to keep it all together.
  • Outtakes. These rock! You get to see the infamous “Octopus” scene that Data refers to at the end but was cut from the original release. Basically, when the kids are swimming over to the ship this octopus is brushing Stef’s leg and she thinks Mouth’s doing it. They argue until the thing surfaces right behind them. It grabs them and everybody’s freaking out. Data dives down underwater, pulls a tape player out of his bag, turns it on, and stuffs it in the octopus’s mouth. Apparently cephalopods don’t like loud rock and roll, because the thing drops the kids and scurries off shaking. It’s some of the worst effects I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely for the best that they cut it. You also get to see a few other deleted scenes, including one in the 7-11 where Troy almost burns the map.
  • Cast commentary. This is the best part of all. It starts out by showing you everyone all grown up (exactly as they were in the picture I linked to) and then the movie starts. Some of them, like Jeff Cohen (“Chunk”), have obviously watched the movie several times since it was released. Others, like Martha Plimpton (“Stef”), sounded like they hadn’t seen it since it was finished. Those two were actually my favorite commentators. Jeff kept pointing out little bloopers that he’s noticed that no one ever caught (he calls Josh Brolin “Josh” instead of “Brand” in one scene), and Martha just keeps ripping on her own performance. At the other end of the spectrum was Corey Feldman (“Mouth”), who comes off looking like the biggest loser ever. He talks constantly and keeps dropping names about all the other movies he was in. He’s the type of guy that will make a joke and no one will laugh, so he’ll assume they didn’t hear him and repeat it louder. Martha told a great story about how he came to her trailer one day and just repeated everything she said for half an hour, so she beat the crap out of him. That was funny. Richard Donner seems to have mellowed in his later years, and he gets in a few good lines. Sean Astin (“Mikey”) is only there for the first half hour, and the rest of the cast makes fun of him after he leaves. “Data” (since I can’t spell his real name) doesn’t say a heck of a lot, but the girls do persuade him to repeat his famous line, “I am wondering, what is in the bag?” Kerri Green (“Andi”) doesn’t say a lot, but she comes off as okay. And Josh Brolin (“Brand”) is just hot. Damn hot. And we’ll leave it at that.

So anyway, I think they’ve put together one of the best DVD packages I’ve seen. You should definitely get it.


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  1. How sad is it that I’m seriously considering getting the DVD player I’ve wanted, if for no other reason than to see this? Kristine Howard, you are the devil!

  2. “Hey you Guyyyys” I love the goonies( sad i know!!!!) I too may have to go with the devil and purchase a DVD or persuade one of my more affluent mates to let me watch it on theirs.

  3. Hi Kiaran! Yeah, I definitely recommend it. I’m not sure if it’s out here in the UK yet, but once it does you may even be able to find it at the video store. 🙂

  4. Does anyone know WHERE Sean Astin went when he left? Honest, I’m not a freak… I’m researching for a friend who’s a freak.

  5. I wish I knew. Probably something related to Lord of the Rings, I imagine. He’s a busy hobbit.

  6. Does anyone know when exactly ‘The Gonnies’ will be released on DVD in the UK or where I could get a Region 2 version of it?

  7. I went to the lord of the rings premier in London and i met Sean Austin. He was lovely and very friendly. I asked him if he ever kept in contact with any of the ‘Goonies’ and he told me that he had lunch with Corey Feldman 2 weeks ago!

  8. Wow! I really didn’t get the impression from the DVD that they were still friends. Good for them though.

  9. why have you no pictures of the infamous octopus we want to see it as we do not have the original or the dvd version in england please!!!!! show us this creature.

  10. Um, because this isn’t a Goonies website? Actually I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to, since I don’t have any screen capture software (and all my DVDs are being shipped from England). You’ll have to find somebody else!

  11. fuck off this film is cool but you are all sad because there is no octopus pictures

  12. What?? Get a life.

  13. YouKnowWhoIam....

    January 29, 2002 — 3:08 am

    I was going to get the dvd version of it for the extra footage of the octopus but couldn’t afford it as it. I was six squid short…hehe.

    Hey! Someone had to do the joke..ok!!!

  14. Correction: people who can’t punctuate or use grammar correctly are sad.

    And thanks for the joke, Ferret. 🙂

  15. this must be one of the best 80s adventure films for teens. right up there with The Karate Kid and Back To The Future… oh and E.T. ;-)) Get it… a great nostalgia trip for 80s freaks.

  16. sean austin is mine! fuck off! I met him in person you all no NOTHING about him!!!!!!!!

  17. Uh, sure. Whatever. Don’t freak out or anything.

  18. Hey,
    I just wanted to correct whoever wrote Sean Astin’s(not Austin) name wrong. I just wanna say, Corey Feldman is awesome. I know he went through his whole ass hole drug phase, but give the guy a break. I mean, look at the good things he’s done. “Stand By Me,” “Dream A Little Dream,” “Goonies,” ring a bell? Oh, and I’d just like to say, who the hell are you people to judge someone you’ve never met before? Oh, one more thing, not that anyone cares, but River Phoenix Forever.

  19. Uh, thanks for your opinion, Jessica. But I didn’t say anything about his “ass hole drug phase”. I just said he sounded like an idiot on the commentary. He talks a lot, drops a lot of names, and keeps repeating jokes that no one laughs at. Try watching it and then refute any of those statements. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, this isn’t a Goonies fansite. It’s just my personal site, where I spout my opinion about stuff. “Judging” things is the whole point of the exercise. If you’d prefer not to read my opinions, no one’s forcing you.

  20. Wow. This is the best Goonies website ever!

  21. Very funny. Now go back to your glue. 🙂

  22. Well Jill, the UK version comes out in the new year and I’m definitely getting it!

  23. Hi Dave. As Jill only stopped by to make that one comment – and that was a year ago – somehow I don’t think she’ll see your tip. But thanks anyway. 🙂

  24. why doesn’t Sean Austin have a website?

  25. Good God. This is the post that WILL. NOT. DIE.

  26. The Goonies is NOT going to be released in the UK due to classification problems, but if UK fans want to get it, you can get it here:
    There is also information on how to make your DVD player multi region so you can play the US version! Enjoy Goonies fans!

  27. princessjuggelett

    February 17, 2003 — 1:26 pm

    this may sound totally stupid but i need help. i’m totally love the Goonies Movie, but the thing is that i want to get the director’s cut. i have no idea if it is slipsleeve or clam shell. please help.!!

  28. princessjuggelett

    February 17, 2003 — 1:29 pm

    e-mail me if anyone could help. thanks

  29. princessjuggelett

    February 17, 2003 — 1:36 pm

    wrong email

  30. As this isn’t a Goonies fansite, I doubt you’re going to have much luck. But since I’m in a good mood, here’s what I know. There is no “director’s cut”. The Special Edition DVD I have has the additional scenes, but they aren’t integrated back into the film. The packaging is the kind with a plastic edging and a cardboard cover. Hope this helps.

  31. Corey Feldman rocks my world.Not that anyone cares.And the movie the goonies rocks.I even named my screen name after it.

  32. You’re right; we don’t care.

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