Britain is going to stop prostitutes from advertising in phone booths. Good. As I said back in January, I hate using public telephones here for that very reason. But for all those hookers worried about a loss of revenue, I direct your attention to my Last Searches page. Judging from that, there seem to be an awful lot of Johns cruising on the Internet. If I were you, I’d be learnin’ some HTML. (And feel free to steal that traffic from me. It creeps me out to know that I’m the #2 result for “transvestite contact photos UK”.)


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  1. And there’s something wrong with “John”s cruising the internet because …?


  2. Ha. Well, I suppose it’s all right if they’re cruising for Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Her new movie just opened here. Why aren’t you at the cinema right now?) 🙂

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