Hmmm. Yahoo News UK is claiming that Britney and Justin got engaged, but I’m not seeing that anywhere else on the Net.


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  1. Not that I’m an avid pop follower, but I was under the impression they’d already recorded their duet. There were quotes about how “hot” it was, blah blah blah
    I know way too much about those two, it’s just wrong

  2. Ha! Don’t be ashamed. You’re among friends here. Hell, I blog about Dawson’s Creek. Now THAT’s something to be ashamed about.

    Anyway, so you think this story is just fake? Personally, I think even if these two *did* want to get married, their handlers wouldn’t let it happen. Can you imagine the drop in Britney’s popularity once her fan base started thinking of her as a married woman? (I’m thinking of Billie Piper here.) No way, no day.

  3. Blame poor Billie Pipers problems on that wanker Evans..anyone else and it wouldn’t have been an issue

    The story is beyond fake. For one thing, they’d sell the rights to their engagement story, pics and all – damn whores, heh.
    I can just see the breakdown their managment would have if they even *mentioned* the idea. All that image building, all that money. No way.
    DC? Noooo! Buffy baby! Buffy!

  4. I love Buffy! I just maintain a small portion of my heart for the putrid cheesefest that is DC. I swear at it, I curse it, but I still love me some Pacey. Except when they dick over his character, like they did last season.

  5. It wouldn’t be DC if they never dicked him over 🙂
    Oh crap, I just gave myself away, didn’t I?

  6. AH-HA! YOU’RE A CLOSET PACEY LOVER! Come out and join the rest of us. And if you haven’t been there before, I highly recommend PaceyPorn. 🙂

  7. I went there once, now I’m traumatized for life. It may have permanantly affed my sex life and tv watching…though not if their at the same time!

  8. Well, yeah, some of the stories can be pretty traumatizing… There should be a disclaimer or something.

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