Build by Wendy Dresses

Built by Wendy Dresses. I want that book!


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  1. Ooo, that looks like a great book! I’ve been wanting to start sewing more and this might just do the trick!

  2. I just ordered it! I think it’s finally time for me to try sewing a real garment.

  3. Please give us a review of the book when it arrives!

  4. I have her original Sew U book and it’s great! You’re welcome to borrow it if you ever want to move on to skirts, shirts and pants 🙂

    I had the same initiative earlier this year but no good spot to set up for sewing and some curtains to complete before I can do splurgey stuff.

  5. Oh man, I bought that one too! Most folks on Amazon were recommending it, and I had gift certs so it didn’t cost me anything.

  6. Ooh! Since we have the same book, should we have a sewing buddy system? I really need external motivation. Also:

  7. I’m planning on having a sewing party so Tia can help me make a muslin for my size. I’ll send you an invite when I get around to having it!

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