Oscar Contest

Oscar Contest 2010… Only 90 minutes to go!
You’ve got til the show starts to get your predictions in for the big contest. We’re closing in on 400 entries! Throughout the day, I’ll be updating the winners and you’ll be able to see your scores update on this page.

As usual, if any of you will be watching the show with a DVR, can you please count the number of dead people in the obituary tribute for me? I have a feeling that we could end up with quite a big tie for first place this year (unless there’s a surprise upset).

And just a note: I had a couple people put more than one entry into the contest, and the extras have been deleted. I’m serious; you only get one shot. Your first entry is the one that I saved, so if you changed your mind later, too bad!

Update: And the contest is closed! Here we go…

Update later: Have gotten three independent counts of the dead people montage and all said 34. So that’s what we’re going with! (Thanks to Jenny, Miftik, and Kel.)

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  1. hey RT! If I entered twice, it was by accident…I thought I had entered soon after the contest opened but then my BIL said he hadn’t seen my name- I checked and it wasn’t there, so I resubmitted yesterday. Sorry if it was a double!

  2. It’s cool; there were clearly a couple folks who did it accidentally. I just deleted the later attempts in all cases; figured that would cover it!

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