And the winner is…

And the winner is… Jonathan Wells!
Thanks to everybody (392 of you!) who entered this year’s Oscar Contest. The final score tally is here. We ended up with a 14-way tie for first place, all of whom got 12 out of 13 answers correct. It then went to the tiebreaker, which was 34 dead people in the tribute reel. Jonathan Wells guessed 33, and Tom Cassutt guessed 35. So to break the tie between them, I had to go to order of entry. Sorry Tim, Jonathan put in his entry about twenty hours before you did… so Jonathan is the big winner! Congratulations to him, and condolences to all of you who missed out.

The Snook thinks I should offer a “wooden spoon” prize to last place. “Send them a warewolf merkin so they can pet it when they feel sad about their lack of prescience.” Hm. I bet I could sell those on Etsy.

Edited to add: I’ve just checked the history and this was the fifth time Jonathan has entered the contest. (Actually, it may be more than that; I only saved the entries going back to 2006.) So well done to a long-time reader!


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  1. Congratulations to Jonathon!

    I had to laugh when I checked the scores and discovered I had come 2nd last! I haven’t been “filming” much lately – all year in fact, and I haven’t been following the reviews (What HAVE I been doing? – search me!). So I adopted the dartboard approach – clearly, it doesn’t work!

  2. You were in dead last for a while! I was watching to see if you’d get the wooden spoon, and close to the end you picked up another one. So close! 🙂

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