I’m going crazy. Alex just forwarded me a doctored picture of a shiny metal tea kettle with a reflection of the naked photographer on it. I know I’ve seen the original (with just the camera, not the nakedness) on a weblog somewhere. The picture was from an auction. I was sure it was on Matt‘s site, but I can’t find it. Does anybody know where the hell it is?


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  1. i saw it over at harrumph, is that what you’re thinking of?

  2. That’s totally it! I guess I saw the link at your site? I must’ve thought it was Matt’s since he’s always linking to interesting eBay auctions. Anyway, whoa! So the guy WAS naked originally! I can’t believe it. I just remembered that whole thing completely wrong.

  3. I don’t think he was first, but Chris at http://www.encorswish.com (who is a neighbor of Matt Scrubbles, which may explain why you thought you saw it there) also posted it last week, along with a handy and funny “public service announcement.” 🙂 (I wasn’t sure if you could do HTML into your comments, Kris, but since you are the web-goddess, I assume you can, so here’s the link: KETTLE. )

  4. That’s the picture I received in the e-mail today, Max, complete with warning. The one Brigita pointed to (sans warning) is the one I originally saw way back when, though.

    And of course you can put in HTML! Silly boy. 🙂

  5. i can’t remember ‘blogging that particular entry, but i do have harrumph in my side bar…?

    regardless, there you have it.

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