No ribbons.

Easter Show disappointment
So… the Easter Show. I didn’t win anything. I was a bit of a letdown, though it’s always nice to have your friends yell “YOU WAS ROBBED!” over and over. The Magic Pudding was nicely displayed, and apparently he was a big hit with people passing by. St. Brigid was strung up in a corner rather lifelessly. Many of my friends won ribbons though, and I was very happy for them. (Lots of photos here.) I’m also happy to report that Gary continues his tradition of excellent nude marquetry. So I grumbled about the judges, and I toasted all the Ravelers, and it was on-the-whole an enjoyable evening. Now I just have to figure out how to knit a nude zombie clown giving the middle finger for next year…


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  1. You totally was robbed! I *love* your jumper, it’s fantastic.
    Good to see all the other pics, too. They really do string stuff up terribly, don’t they?

  2. You wuz robbed!! I’d love to see the garments which beat St Brigid! It is so fantastic.

  3. totally robbed. those clown dolls are HIDEOUS.

  4. YOU WAS it is no lie

  5. I agree with ALL comments given so far as I too think yours was the best in it’s class 😀

  6. I’m glad that I didn’t choose this year to go to the Unjust Easter Show. Booooo on them!

    p.s. You was robbed.
    p.p.s. I hear Canberra is made entirely of peeps.

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