Allergy as cancer prevention?

“Allergy sufferers less likely to get cancer.” Huh. So there’s an upside. Of course, we’re also more likely to go broke buying Zyrtec for the rest of our lives…


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  1. And I just had the Boy whinge to me about the high cost of Claratyne – just over $1 a tablet, depending on how many you buy at once. Next time he complains I’ll tell him to shove it.

  2. Yep, Zyrtec’s about the same. Tell him it could be worse: I found out when I was in the US last time that the better allergy meds are all PRESCRIPTION! At least we have ready access to them here, even if we pay through the nose – pun intended – for it. 🙂

  3. I get all my drugs shipped from the US to the UK which saves me a lot of £££.

  4. Really? Like what? I thought prescription drugs in the UK were much cheaper than I got in the US, but that was 10 years ago.

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