How the sex bias prevails

“How the sex bias prevails.” Fascinating and depressing. Obviously one of the difficulties in proving that gender bias exists is that very few people experience life as both a man and a woman. This article (an excerpt from this book) profiles two scientists at Stanford University in the U.S., both of whom are transgendered. Needless to say, the female-to-male is enjoying more success in his career than the male-to-female. Like I said, fascinating and depressing.


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  1. Just curious — do you identify yourself as a feminist? You seem to have feminist leanings but I don’t recall, in my six or seven years of reading your blog, seeing you use the word to describe yourself. (Correct me if I’m mistaken.)

    I am a feminist loud and proud. It’s not a dirty word 🙂

  2. Oh hells yeah. I’m surprised you had to ask!

  3. Go to the archives and search on “feminist.” You’ve just missed it. 🙂

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