Last weekend the Snook made up a batch of “Christmas Jam” using some frozen Davidson’s plums his Mom brought us from their tree. He likes jam making, and so far everything he’s made has been delicious. However – I just found out you can make jam in a crock pot! (Crock pots. Is there anything they can’t do?) A couple recipes: Crock Pot Strawberry Jam; Crock Pot Apricot Jam; Crock Pot Apple Butter.


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  1. Niiiice. I bought some pectin a while back but the more I read about canning, the more freaked I got. Still wanna try it the old-fashioned way someday, but pumped to see some crockpot recipes to try in the meantime!

  2. Yeah, Rodd doesn’t bother to properly can his. He sterilizes the jars, but he doesn’t bother with the full-on procedure. We eat the stuff pretty quickly and store it in the fridge once it’s open.

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