The Onion A.V. Club is running a terrific interview with Joss Whedon, the creator of “Buffy.” He’s apparently worked on a lot of stuff I didn’t even know about. (“Speed”??)


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  1. “The episode of Boy Meets World that I never made, I’m still prouder of than Alien:Resurrection”

    Fabulous bastard, isn’t he?

  2. I know! That was hilarious. I also liked that he wrote my favorite link (“You’re a dick.”) from X-Men. If you watch the Buffy DVD’s, his commentary is the only one worth listening to. The other people just narrate what you’re already watching, but he goes off on random tangents all about the creation of the show. Very funny guy.

  3. No damn DVDs here yet, but thanks for rubbing it in 🙂

  4. Hey, I have to. Read this to see what we UK Buffy fans have to put up with. We DESERVE to have the damn DVD’s. 🙂

  5. Oh God, I don’t miss the Beebs watershed at ALL. Hell, over here they show the “special” episodes of Coronation street that were aired at 9pm at 3 in the afternoon! Just shows you what it’s like (even though corrie is on ITV/HTV, you get the gist) Heh

    This year it goes into syndication, the discs are on their way…well, they bloody better be 🙂

  6. great friggin article. it’s about time i read it!

    in a strange twist of buffy-related fate, the person who won my latest eBay auction is the webmaster of i haven’t had a whole lot of time to check it out, but from the outside it seems pretty cool!

    :::lots of pop-ups, tho:::

  7. What’re you sellin’ on eBay? Anything I want?

  8. probably not, just some urban decay makeup that is for shit…i had (and still have) a bunch of $10 off anything coupon codess for the UD website and just bought the cheapest stuff they had.

    first i got a bluish nail polish that was supposed to be my ‘something blue” except for the fact that the bristles on the applicator brush weren’t stiff enough. then i got this creamy stick stuff called body haze…i thought i ordered the bluish color, but wound up getting a glitter stick. not much use to me, what with my being over the age of 17 and all…


    i’ve also got a ton of books over at but that’s another story…

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