A random survey of 1000 adults in Britain found that more than half failed a test that is given to 11-year-olds in this country. I tried it and got 8 out of 10 (enough for “top marks”). How well do you do?


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  1. i scored the same, flunking the whole Roman Empire section.

  2. Confession: I guessed on the Roman Empire ones. I bombed on the magnetism.

  3. I got 8. Bloody Newtons…

  4. Yeah, I screwed that one up to. I thought that maybe the distance between the two things figured into it, so I thought meters might be involved. I hate physics.

  5. Damn Romans! I’m sure if I’d been asked these questions *when I WAS 11* I would have scored perfect. There’s only so much information people can retain, gawd

  6. *insert smugness here* Well, I got 9. The last question was a nasty left hook outta nowhere.

  7. Snookums got ’em all right AND complained that the “Newton” one was wrong. (He says it’s measured in Teslas.) Damn smartypants. 🙂

  8. they named a scientific unit after a crappy 80’s metal hair band?

  9. That’s what I said! 🙂

    Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

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