Storm at Sea (with Babies)

Storm at Sea (with Babies)
I think this might actually be the highlight of my brief career as a quilter. Yesterday we were at a barbecue with many of the Snook’s college friends, a group which for the first time included two actual babies. (We’re all growing up!) Nick went to get a blanket for Chloe and Seraphina to play on, and as he shook it out, he said, “Do you recognise this?”

Storm at Sea (with Babies)

That’s the quilt I made them for their wedding seven years ago! I was so happy. “You actually use it?” “We use it just about every day!” I think that’s probably the highest thing a handmade quilt could hope for. To be given in love and friendship at the start of a life together, and many years later to be spread out for the babies to crawl on. Isn’t that lovely?

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  1. you should be very happy & proud. It’s lovely.

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