Day 8 and 9 of Christmas Vacation

Day 8 and 9 of Christmas Vacation – Happy New Year!
Yesterday morning started with a 5km run around Sydney Uni that conveniently put me over the 1000km mark. Back at home, I showered and spent some time sharing my completed goal all over the Internets. In the afternoon, I had a nap. (No, seriously.) Then it was time to get ready for our New Year’s Eve dinner party. Unfortunately we had a couple last minute cancellations due to illness, so in the end it was just us and our friend Kunaal. It still rocked though. We had Nuts and Bolts (the Aussie equivalent of Chex Mix) along with Braised Chicken Thighs and Sauerkraut. Dessert was a selection of Indian sweets along with our homemade ice cream. Being big nerds, the three of us all plugged in our laptops and ran around World of Warcraft together. It was fun! Kunaal headed off at 11 and we stayed up to watch the fireworks on TV and listen to the booms out the window.

This morning I figured the best way to start off the New Year was with pancakes and bacon. Yum. Then I knocked off some chores: updated our money management software, adjusted our budget, and balanced the books. I also Skyped with my sister and helped her with some web hosting issues. Then I remembered a small piece of work I’d promised to do for Candi, so I fixed that up. After lunch, I casted on for my first “Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011” pattern of the year. (Yes, really.) I’ve got both socks past the cuff and I’ve done two repeats so far. The Snook and I are also cranking through Angel Season 2. I can’t believe I have to go back to work in three days…


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  1. Curious — what budgeting software do you use? I’ve been using Gnucash for a few months…

  2. I wanted something that would sync to our iPhones. I was using Cha-Ching before, but they got bought out and discontinued. Then I found MoneyWell. I really like it! We can enter transactions via our iPhones when we’re out and then sync them up at home. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to download from Aussie banks yet, but I don’t mind inputting things manually. (I like to keep an eye on the accounts.) The budgeting system is based on the old “envelope” idea and it took me a while to get my head around. I’d say that we don’t really use it for budgeting as much as simply tracking where our money goes. But it’s got a lot of powerful features that I haven’t really played with much yet…

  3. Thanks, Kris. I’ve downloaded the trial version and am playing with it. Looks really cool.

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