Olivia’s Rainbow Blanket and BSJ

Rainbow Baby BlanketOlivia’s Rainbow Blanket and BSJ
Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the first two projects shown on my knitting round-up below haven’t actually been blogged yet! That’s because I only just finished them yesterday. First up is an actual, honest-to-god CROCHETED item: Olivia’s Rainbow Baby Blanket. This is a project that I basically made up myself. My Mom had sent me 5 balls of “Sugar and Cream” cotton last year and I’d idly started crocheting squares based on this pattern. When my niece was born a couple weeks ago, it inspired me to join them all up into a blanket for her. I did 12 multi-colour squares (rotating the stripes each time so the squares are all different) along with 4 solid squares. I joined them all together with Cream, then crocheted a Cream border all around. Then I did a scalloped border in a different colour on each side. I’m really happy with how it turned out! I was debating on whether to back it with some fleece or flannel, but I think I like it the way it is.

Rainbow Blanket   Rainbow Blanket   Rainbow Blanket

Next is yet another Baby Surprise Jacket. I used some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed that was leftover from my St. Brigid. It came out quite big, but I figure she’ll grow into it. The buttons are made out of coconut. 🙂

Baby Surprise Jacket   Baby Surprise Jacket


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  1. LOVE! The blanket has come out beautifully 😀 And your BSJ’s always look good. A pattern I’ve still not been able to make well.

  2. that baby will love that blanket. indie and penn always preferred their knitted/crocheted blankets over all others…little fat fingers love poking through and fidgeting with all those holes!

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