Easter Show Rejection – AGAIN!

Easter Show Rejection Part 97
So the Easter Show is upon us once more, which means it’s the time of year when Kris busts her ass to finish some gargantuan knitting project only to have it unceremoniously dumped in the corner of the display with no pretty award ribbons attached. I hate to sound bitter, but it’s really getting annoying to see the same (ugly) styles winning certain categories every year. I gave up on Arans after I realised that “cream” and “bobbles” were necessary ingredients. This year I thought I was playing it safe with the Snook’s Hipster Cardigan. Well, not only did I not get a ribbon, but they didn’t even award a first place in my class! (In previous years when that occurred, the judges explained it was because no entry was up to the “blue ribbon standard.”) It’s perplexing. And it’s not just sour grapes; other deserving entries also lost out to inexplicably awful designs. (There were some worthy winners of course, especially those from my friends like Miss Fee!) I guess I’ll just wait to see if they give me any actual judging feedback. (I’m guessing not.) Oh well, at least the Snook will have a warm jumper to wear this winter!

Hipster Cardy at the Show

Photo courtesy of Jody, since I couldn’t be arsed going out to the Arts Preview this year…


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  1. i don’t understand. I really don’t. Snook’s cardigan looks so beautifully, carefully knitted. It’s gorgeous. Heathens.

  2. grumble stupid easter show grumble is not sour grapes grumble

  3. Great cardigan, love the buttons.
    I see the display is as inspired as ever…

  4. The buttons are from the Button Shop in Newtown. First I picked out some beautiful 2″ horn buttons, but I choked when I realised they were $15.50 EACH. I couldn’t justify paying $60 for buttons! These were a brilliant alternative suggested by the lady there. They’re actual vintage polyester buttons, and they were a third of the cost. 🙂

  5. Remember that the knitting is a craft category, not an art category. How awesome it looks, how fashionable, how wearable; these are not judging criteria.

    Maybe you should contact the Sydney Family Show and see if you can set up a rival contest to promote knitting as a contemporary and useful art.

  6. Actually I don’t think you can say that for certain. While you may think aesthetics or fashion have no meaning in “craft,” there’s nothing in the schedule or the wider craft community that would support that. The “Craft” section of the schedule includes Cake Decorating, Folk & Decorative Art, Fashion Accessories, and many others where some degree of subjectivity and art come into it.

    Our complaints are not that the judges are necessarily disregarding fashion… Just that their tastes seem to have frozen on a time period several, uh, decades in the past.

  7. Having seen yours I know it looked amazing and I’m REALLY SURPRISED you didn’t get a placing !

    I guess I can only say.. be proud of it anyway ribbon or not 🙂

  8. You really were robbed, it looks great.Ditto the previous comment.

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