Eyelet Yoke Cardigan

Eyelet Yoke CardiganEyelet Yoke Cardigan
One of my co-workers just had his first baby – a little girl – so I decided to knit something for him. I had some Morris Empire 4ply in #436 Bloom that I thought would be perfect. I went to Ravelry to look for suitable baby cardigans with patterns that wouldn’t compete too much with the variegated wool. (And no Baby Surprise! I am going to come out of the closet and admit that I think they’re pretty ugly. I’m going to stop torturing myself by knitting them.) Anyway, I found this Eyelet Yoke Cardigan that seemed like it would work. It was really quick to knit up, and I used less than 2 balls of the Empire (on 3.5mm needles). The eyelet details on the yoke (pic), sleeves, and waist kept it fun and interesting. For the buttons, I was pleased to find 5 similar-ish buttons (pic) in my stash all in colours that matched the wool. Hooray for mismatched buttons! (More details on Ravelry here.)

I gave the cardy to Fei this morning and he was thrilled! I can’t wait to see pics of it on his little girl.


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  1. I’ve gone to seen the details on ravelry. It’s really cute, I love your choice for the button. I have some OCD, I can’ make something with not matching buttons, but I love in other projetc.

  2. Looks s super cute Kris 🙂

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