Month: January 2002 (page 1 of 13)

It’s the old “Nine Things About Me That Are True, and One That Isn’t” meme. Members of my immediate family are not allowed to play. Everybody ready?

  1. I got a tattoo for my twentieth birthday.
  2. I have had blue hair.
  3. I can do a cartwheel.
  4. I have never broken a bone in my body.
  5. Despite being my high school valedictorian, I actually failed a class my senior year.
  6. I am one quarter Korean.
  7. I can juggle.
  8. I have been skydiving.
  9. I saw “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” eight times in the theater.
  10. I have made a quilt from scratch.

Okay, which one isn’t true? Let the guessing begin! Answers will be posted in a day or so.

Uncle Willie swept the Bloggies. Did you hear that? That’s right! My site got ripped on by the Blogger of the Year! How do you like them apples?

(Does anybody else hear that whooshing sound? Oh yeah, it’s just the waves of Wheaton backlash starting to break on the shore…)

Huh. That whole “groom killed by big-boobed stripper” story was a hoax.

Micheal Jackson wants a global children’s holiday. As Kim once said, I can’t believe his publicists allow his name to be mentioned time and time again with children. Are they all completely brain dead?

Last bit of Survivor News for the day… Whaddaya know? There’s a Yahoo Group. They’ve done all the research for me!

More Survivor News: After doing some sniffing about, I finally managed to get confirmation on where the competition will take place: Whaler’s Way, near Port Lincoln in South Australia. It’s not as harsh as the Kimberley, we think, but it’s close to the Nullarbor, which could be trouble.

All Australian SurvivorAustralian Survivor News:
I have to say, I’ve been tremendously disappointed with Channel Nine’s hype for the show so far. There is absolutely no information available on their website. We don’t know who the host is, who the contestants are, or where it’s going to be played. (Based on the first commercial, the Snook guesses the Kimberley, which is a deserty place on the northwest edge of the continent.) They’ve just recently started showing two new commercials that introduce some of the contestants, but you don’t get to see much. How am I supposed to conduct my Survivor Contest if we don’t know who to vote for in the first episode? (Incidentally, I’m still accepting players if anybody’s interested.)

Thanks to Bill, I now know that Puff the Magic Dragon lived in Hawaii, specifically near the town called “Hanalei”. (Yeah, I sung it, but I never knew where it was.)

What the hell? A satellite is expected to crash to Earth sometime today and pieces could fall anywhere between Orlando, Florida and Brisbane, Australia. Not that we’re in any danger or anything, but why the heck isn’t more notice given for these things? (Link courtesy of Fredo.)

New webcam image is up. That’s Snook giving me some smoochies. We were yet again defeated at the Nag’s Head trivia tonight. I came through on Judy Garland’s real name (Frances Gumm), but I totally tanked on the group that sang “Walkin’ on Sunshine”. (Ten points for whoever knows that without cheating.) In better news, I lost another pound!