Month: January 2003 (page 1 of 7)

Holy crap. Check out my Recent Searches page. I’m the #2 Google result for sightings of the Virgin Mary at Coogee and apparently the faithful are flocking here. Sorry, folks, I haven’t seen it personally. It’s only a short bus ride away though… Perhaps your dutiful blogger will have to do some investigative reporting with her digital camera this weekend. 🙂

Confession: I deleted a couple comments that randoms left today. It’s not that I’m against new people commenting; in fact, I welcome it. (Seriously, you lurkers! Join in!) But folks have to understand that this isn’t Usenet. I like the fact that the usual crew here all respect each other and use readable English. So don’t even bother posting gibberish that reads like an SMS. I’m against the censoring of ideas, but I have no qualms about deleting atrocious grammar.

In the category of “More Good News… Not”, apparently you can get deep vein thrombosis from sitting at a computer for too long. See, I thought the thing about the airplanes was that the pressure had something to do with it. But now they’re saying you can get it just from sitting on your ass at sea level? Great. Oh, and they’ve even coined a new term for it: “e-thrombosis”. *rolling eyes*

Today it was forty-four degrees Celsius outside in Macquarie Park, where I work. That’s one hundred and eleven degrees Fahrenheit. It’s stinkin’ hot.

Draco is Eminem, and evidently Dobby is Vladimir Putin. Random.

From my friend Major: “Check this out. People are seeing the Virgin Mary in a frickin’ fence post at Coogee. People are making pilgrimages to see a white fence and are saying its a message from God that women shouldn’t go topless on the beach. Get these morons out of the gene pool. Out I Say!!!” I really have to agree.

Me: (picking up phone) Hello?
Telemarketer; Is this Mrs. Snook?

I never did find out what he was selling.

Everybody’s linkin’ to this collection of videos of The Price is Right winning moments. I like the first one where the guy wins $20K playing Plinko. That game rocked.

Wow. Roger Ebert saw Bob Dylan’s new movie and ripped it to shreds.

“Masked and Anonymous” is one of the oddest movies I have ever seen. Obviously everyone involved in it was besotted, if not mesmerized, by Dylan. All of those big stars must have agreed to their cameos … It’s a little sad to see them acting their hearts away in scenes where Dylan sits there like a toad, impassive, unmoving, oracular, waiting for the closeup in which he utters yet another oblique epigram.

He called Bob Dylan a toad! I love Ebert.

Dave Barry has a weblog. I’d like to place a bet right now that he’ll sweep the Bloggies next year.