Month: March 2004 (page 2 of 10)

The price of guilt.

Deluxe cat tree and scratching post: $120
“Crazee Ball” self-propelling battery-powered cat toy: $20
Special padded duffel-bag type cat carrier: $70
Two taxi rides for two humans and a cat: $19
Vaccination and worming: $69

The guilt caused by Dr. Amy Jones’s first trip to the vet… priceless.

Prisoner of Azkaban trailer

Holy crap! The new Prisoner of Azkaban trailer is online and it looks awesome. (Spoiler alert!) I love all the bits that weren’t in the book, like the weird little shrunken Jamaican head on the Knight Bus and when Hermione grabbed Ron’s hand. And I LOVE the scene where she punches out Draco. Kickass! I sussed out the URL for the biggest Quicktime version if you want to go straight to that one. EXPECTO PATRONUM! (Link courtesy of Kevin.)

Welcome to the Kitty Hilton…

Welcome to the Kitty Hilton, home of the world’s most spoiled kitten…

Amy and her new scratching post     Amy

Sting swings!

Sting swings! It’s your chance, B!

Graffiti Bridge

web-goddess was here

Pretty neat, huh? Make your own. In case you can’t read German, the text near the input box says that you can insert the “degree symbol” to get it to draw a heart. (Link courtesy of SixDifferentWays.)

Airport Codes

Airport Codes – So that’s why O’Hare is called ORD!

100 Movies that Deserve More Love

100 Movies that Deserve More Love. Great commentary on some hidden cinematic gems. My favorite bit was: “This film should have stunk more than a shipment of ass on Ass Wednesday, but it’s brilliant.” I’m totally using that phrase from now on.

Three years of OS X

“Ars Technica takes on three years of Mac OS X.” The article is a nice overview of the changes OS X has undergone since its debut. I’ve been there pretty much from the beginning: Snookums buys me OS X; I track down the 10.1 update; the 10.1.5 update kills my machine; we make a special trip to buy 10.2 at the Apple Road Show; I cheat and have a student friend buy my copy of Panther so I can save a hundred bucks. Good grief, that’s a lot of money and effort to expend on an operating system. But on the plus side, my mom finally got it installed on the Powerbook her office gave her. “I can’t tell anybody,” she said, “but I really like it!”

Gay Marriage is a civil rights issue

It’s about time. Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke out against the proposed Constitutional gay marriage ban. She and other prominent black leaders are making a stand that this is is civil rights issue. Good on her.

Myer sucks.

As if I needed another reason to boycott Myer… Now they’re discriminating against drag queens! Man, I wish I’d seen that protest. 🙂