Month: December 2004 (page 2 of 5)

More Movable Type spam problems

Netcraft reports that several web hosting companies have disabled Movable Type comments because comment spam is putting a serious drain on their servers. The ensuing Slashdot discussion speculates on the problems within MT that allow this to happen, and it has some good ideas for ways to fix (or switch) your blog to secure it. (As for me, I haven’t had any spams since I implemented the “More than five links” rule. This doesn’t happen til after they post, though, which means it’s still tying up my server a bit. Now I’m thinking about a blacklist that would keep them from accessing the script…)

Gingerbread Laptop and CPU

Gingerbread Laptop and CPU. That’s pretty neat! I’ve never tried making any gingerbread sculptures before. (Mostly because I know the Snook would insist on making all the gingerbread from scratch, and I’d get bored and lazy halfway through and quit.) Has anybody else ever done it? Is it really hard? (Link courtesy of not martha.)

Mobile Phone Egotism

Since we got camera phones a few months ago, our biggest use of them has been taking pictures of ourselves and sending them to each other. It was especially helpful at Halloween when we were both costume-shopping separately. Anyway, I just cleaned it off and found a couple funny pictures of me. (Just mouseover for the captions.)

The very first picture I took: Me on the bus.     I sent this one to the Snook while shopping for a hat for my brother. I told him I'd be using it for my McLeod's Daughters audition.     Another one from the bus. This was me showing Snookums my new sunnies and requesting that he now call me Bono.

It’s all Greek.

It’s all Greek.
The Snook: “It’s easy. Quicktime is to AVI as Sorenson is to DIVX.”
Me: *hysterical laughing* “Fleurgen is to schneurgen as gmergen is to geflorgen. You didn’t make it any easier.”

A Warning for the Pescavores!

A warning for the pescavores: Go easy on the fish or you could end up crazy like Gollum!

Book Club

Note to self: Check out this book club recommended to me by a customer today…

Coolest. Quilt. Ever.

Oh my god. This Mario quilt is the Coolest. Quilt. Ever. I feel my patchwork urge returning. But how to top this?

Eyeglass Piercing

I don’t think I could personally hang my eyeglasses off a nose piercing. I just have this feeling that it would, like, tickle me between the eyes, and I’d go cross-eyed from staring at the lack-of-bridge all the time. (Didn’t that sorta happen in The Jerk?) That said, I got terribly frustrated while shopping for new sunglasses tonight. All the styles were wraparound, which my Korean face completely rules out. (My nose has very little bridge so wraparounds end up sitting on my cheeks, which I hate.) Maybe “Blue Blockers + Piercing” would be just the ticket?

Yank in Oz

Hey, Gadgetgirl‘s husband Rob has a new weblog! He has some nice pictures from a recent trip to India. (The Snook refuses to blog as such, but reading his Usenet posts is always enlightening. When he refers to “SWMBO”, that’s me. Ten points to the first person that guesses the acronym!)

Stressful week

It’s been a stressful week at work, but I wanted to let all the knitters know that on Saturday Tapestry Craft will be having an official product launch for Noro yarns. I know! How sweet is that? We’re finally getting them. I also heard through the grapevine that “Don from Prestige Fibres” is also going to be giving some of this cult-favorite wool away, so be sure and stop in if you’re in town…