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The things people wonder about, you know? Could a super strong person yank off his own head? That question cracks me up.

Funny Kittens

Funny Kittens. (YouTube movie.) The Snook loves animals falling over. My favorite is the kitty playing ping-pong, and the one that pulls himself around under the dining room table. (Link courtesy of John.)

Blogging as Market Research

Blogging as Market Research: Okay, Melbourne Knitters. It looks like Tapestry Craft is heading your way. We’re trying to decide what kinds of yarn to stock. So tell me – what do you want? Are there brands/fibres/thicknesses you just can’t get? We’re all Sydney folks so we’re not sure whether there’s any big difference between the two markets.

Last Race Results

They’ve finally posted the official race results from the Gladesville 10K we did a few weeks ago… and woohoo! We both came in dead last in our age groups. Depressing.


Did anyone else in Australia watch Rushmore on TV this week? Either our TiFaux had a huge hiccup, or Channel 10 cut the hell out of it. There was the scene where the teacher tells him she’s too old for him and they shake hands, and then after a commercial they went directly to the part where Bill Murray apologizes for Max and says he shouldn’t have let him drink alcohol. It’s been a long time since I saw the movie originally, but wasn’t there a dinner scene with Luke Wilson somewhere in there? And wasn’t there another play by the Max Fischer Players? We only saw the one at the big finale. I was really confused. (Granted, I was in a candy coma…)

Halloween Pictures

Halloween Meat CakeOur Halloween pictures are up!
What’s that? Oh yeah, it’s a Halloween Meat Cake. Pretty sweet, huh? The Snook and I just finished off the rest of the leftovers today. Apologies to the guests that I didn’t get a good picture of. I’m sure the four photobloggers in attendance will have some other good shots to share!

Update: Andrew, Morgan, Amy, and Rob have all posted their photos.

Buster and Lucille 2

Oh! I forgot to mention that the brilliance of our costumes pales in comparison to that of Amy‘s brother: Buster and Lucille II. That is AWESOME. The looks on their faces are what makes that photo.

Heroes of Australia

Our 4th Annual Halloween Extravaganza went even better than I’d hoped! The creativity and fun of our friends never fails to astound me. I’ve got a lot more photos to upload – including some of the Snook’s greatest culinary creation to-date, the Meat Cake – but here’s one to tide you over:

Jolly Swagman, Steve Irwin, and Ned Kelly

The Snook and I had settled on a theme of “Heroes of Australia” for our costumes this year, and to our surprise Andrew‘s costume fit right in as well. I’m dressed as the Jolly Swagman from Waltzing Matilda. (Note my authentic cork hat, billy can, and the jumbuck in me tucker bag.) Andrew is, of course, dressed as Steve Irwin. Complete with a scary looking barb poking out of his chest. (When he came in the door I was like, “You DIDN’T!” And he was all, “BUT I DID!” Brilliant.) And last is the Snook, dressed as Australia’s most famous bushranger and outlaw: Ned Kelly. (You can admire the craftsmanship of his armour by comparing it to the originals.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some meat cake to eat for breakfast…

Gaming Addiction

Mary-Helen pointed me to this excellent post on “gaming addiction.” The Snook is pretty good about regulating his game play, and he did make a sterling effort at getting me to play with him. I’m not too worried yet. (Though he’s only at level 47. What will happen when he gets to 60?)

Teletubbies Hats

Knitted Teletubbies Hats for babies. Those are so cute!