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Naked Harry

Phwoar! That’s some pretty naked Daniel Radcliffe! I hope there’s a shirtless stable scene in the last HP book… (Link courtesy of Andrew, who is decidedly not an Old Perv.)


Hey, Australians: Don’t forget that Heroes starts tonight! It’s a must-see. (That is, if you haven’t already been, uh, watching it on the Internet.)


It appears that perhaps psorr was prescient. Despite not running for the past few days, I’ve just suffered a blinding pain in my left quad when reaching down for a book. I’m off to the physio in ten minutes. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Later: Turns out I have a small tear in this sucker. It’s not bad. I’m supposed to ice it for a few days and take it easy. I can walk, but not fast. The hardest thing is fighting the urge to stretch it. (I’m not supposed to.) It’s like poking a sore tooth. I just want to make sure it still hurts. Again, STUPID.

Brain Bag

If I only had a brain bag

Caffeinated Doughnuts

Caffeinated doughnuts?! We just might have to move back to America.


Why do zombies like to eat brains? The deadpan seriousness of some of those answers cracks me up. “My guess is that they hunger for what they’ve lost: consciousness and the soul.” “Brains are rich in cholesterol, which is essential for maintaining cell membrane pliability, which is a particular problem at the low body temperatures typical of zombies in non-tropical climates.” “They eat them for the tannic acid, to keep their undead hides tough and leathery.” Still laughing…

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Calling all Dylan fans! (And by that, I mean Kevin and Eileen.) Last night I was crooning along to Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts* when the Snook confessed that he didn’t particulary like the song “because the plot confused him.” Funnily enough, I remember feeling the same way back when Eileen introduced it to me in college a dozen years ago. I don’t feel that way anymore; it’s like I’ve filled in all the missing details in my head. So I told him my interpretation, which basically sounds like a made-for-TV Western. I know that Dylan’s never officially outlined the plot. What do you guys think it’s about?

* I was actually listening to the Joan Baez version. I prefer it. Eek!


Oh. My. God. Someone is selling every NES game ever made. I know I can’t afford them. I know I don’t have the space for them. Heck, I know we’ve already probably got most of them as ROMs on disk. I don’t care. I WANTS.


Since all the cool kids are doing it, here’s me and the Snook as M&M’s.

Me Snook

Make your own.


Ooh, Bookmarking for Later: How to Darn Socks. That looks extremely useful. (Link courtesy of Julie.)