Fox Faces Socks

Fox Faces SocksFox Faces Socks
These are the fourth socks in the 2011 “Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club.” I’ve caught up! After the stupid Nutkins knocked me two months behind schedule, I’ve finally caught back up to everyone else. These Fox Faces Socks by Nancy Bush were a very quick knit for me, and I’m pleased with how they turned out. The wool is Knitabulous‘s “Ultimate Sock” (which I think has been discontinued) in a beautiful faded pinky-red. I knitted both socks at the same time on a pair of 60cm 2.75mm circular needles. I followed the pattern pretty much *exactly*, which is like a record for me. (I did do one extra repeat on the leg though to add some length.) The toe is a weird one, with three sets of equally spaced decreases rather than the usual two. I actually like how it looks on the top of the sock, with two of the decrease bands emerging perfectly from two of the lace columns. I’m not sure how the third band will wear on the bottom of the foot, but I guess we’ll see. These actually turned out a tiny bit short for me, and I couldn’t be bothered frogging to make them longer. (I was running out of wool too.) So these lovely socks will shortly be winging their way to Chicago to grace the feet of my awesome cousin. She hooks us up with episodes of True Blood; I knit her some socks. It’s a good system.

As usual, more photos and details over on Ravelry

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  1. These look great. I’ve also just finished my ‘fox faces’, but having skipped the Leyburns, I’m still a pair behind. Like you, I knitted an extra repeat of the pattern, but they’re still too short!

  2. I’m going to wear them & slide across the floor! THANKS!

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