Friday Five:

1. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
I’m a big fan of the theme park vacation. I used to love camping at Cedar Point. I also had a great time in Florida a few years back hitting all the Disney Parks, Islands of Adventure, and the Kennedy Space Center. EuroDisney was pretty fun too. When I go on holiday, I like to do stuff. It’d probably be less stressful to just go somewhere and chill, but I always feel guilty for not seeing everything possible.

2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth?
Hmmm. I’d probably say Gary, Indiana, but I don’t wanna bring down the wrath of the homeboys again. 🙂

3. What would be your dream vacation?
Snookums and I are actually planning one of my dream vacations right now. We’re thinking of taking the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth. It’s one of the “great” train journeys of the world. You travel pretty much the entire length of Australia, across the bight and through the outback. If we do it, we’re gonna do it first-class so we get the luxury sleeping car and meals in the fancy dining room. It takes three days to get to Perth, and then we’ll hang out there for a few days before flying home. How cool would that be?

4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why?
Hmm. Shall I answer with real-life people or blog people? Let’s go with blog people; that’d be more fun. Max would definitely be navigator, because then he could run the stereo and play us all the custom trip mix tapes he’d inevitably have made. Tara D would be in the backseat, cracking my shit up the whole way. Moire would be back there too, ranting about her job and reading us excerpts from the latest Harry Potter slash fiction she’d found. I, of course, would be driving. 🙂

(Not that I wouldn’t take the rest of you, but in general I hate road trips, so I’d need the unique talents of these three individuals to keep me from getting bored and running the car into a bridge embankment.)

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
Not sure. Probably just helping with the play (which starts next week). I need to go get some more fabric for my quilt. And today is the Mardi Gras parade, but I don’t know if I can go. I might give it a try though, since my piercer last week said to look for him on the leather fetishists float. (Hee! This should be fun once Google indexes this page.)


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  1. What the F, Howie? You would bring Tara D and NOT ME? Where’s the love? Have I become just a pathway my friends can use to get to my girlfriend? Actually, I don’t blame you; I would take her too. But don’t underestimate the unbelievable amount of riotous hilarity, mind-blowing spontaneity, and yet, insightful sanity that I can bring to a road trip. I also have a couple of old Journey tapes to add.

  2. also – we NEED to do something with the PW website. write me at to tell me when a good time would be to aol or yahoo chat, or whatever.

  3. I thought of you, Crawf. But I figured if I took you, then Kel would get pissed that I didn’t take her. And I have road-tripped with Kel before (to Ellie’s wedding), and it was an experience I don’t care to have repeated.

    (Before you bitch, Kel, just remember the insanity of that whole losing-the-toll-ticket-but-then-finding-it-under-your-ass-two-hours-later” thing.)

    And yeah, I keep thinking about the PW thing. Given the time difference to Chicago (seven hours, I think), we’ll either have to chat my morning/your evening, or vice versa. Which do you prefer?

  4. Yay! What a fun roadtrip that would be! I have plenty of good, juicy Harry Potter slashfic to go around, too. Lots of Harry/Draco. Ooh! And don’t forget the fic where Ginny has to seduce Ron… (I’m serious. This fic REALLY does exist…)

    Plus, I’d bring along a big ol’ box of Goldfish for us to snack on. It’s the snack that smiles back. ;P

  5. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, you picked Meeeee? I am so psyched, and boy, can I not blame you for picking Amy and Kelly, the terrifying twosome. Before I read the comments (when I knew that Amy would be mad) I was like, You know it’s because she couldn’t take you because Kel would be mad, and you’d be mad if Kel went! And who can blame? I’ve been there a few times, I think.

    Plus, I can smuggle those Journey tapes, and add a Xanadu soundtrack to boot.

    (P.S. Amy wants to talk to you on 4pm, Saturday, the 9th (her time). No joke.)

  6. Whee!! Journey!

    When the lights… go down… in the ci-tay… And the sun shines on… the baa-aaay… ooh I wanna be there-er-er… in my ci-tay… whoa-oh-oh… Whoaaaaa-ooh-ohhhh, oh-oh-ohhhh!

  7. I am honored. And as official road trip DJ, I’m afraid I’d have to veto the Journey tapes, but would be able to bring along my own copy of the Xanadu soundtrack to make up for it.

    I would also bring along mix CDs themed to our destination and the personalities of every person in the car. I’m just that sad. 🙂

  8. You guyyyyys, with Max’s mad skillz (Come on~ meet me in the back-SEAT, to-niight, ooh ooh ooh! – Max, that’s for your Xanadu love) and Moire’s super impression of one Mr. Steve Perry, I am walking out the door to the car. How does one do a multi-continental road trip?

  9. It would be a ghastly expensive affair, that’s for sure. But still sounds like wicked fun. ;D

  10. Well, I’ve actually been wanting to do a mega US road trip sometime, so maybe it’d be better if I just came over there. I probably can’t afford it this year, but let’s just pencil Summer 2003 in our diaries, shall we? I’m thinking New Orleans, I’m thinking Grand Canyon, I’m thinking Vegas. Keep those schedules clear! 🙂

  11. P.S. Never sing Journey on my website again. 🙂

  12. You’re no fun! Nyah! ;P

    Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! I’ve never been west of Kansas City, so a mega US trip would kick ass. You know I’d force y’all to stop at every kitsch roadside attraction. You can’t do a road trip without getting your picture taken with The World’s Biggest Ear Of Corn. 😀

  13. Ooh, World’s Largest Ball of Mud! We’ll be just like the Griswolds!


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