Amy and JoeyPhoto Roundup: Is this adorable? It’s my sister Amy and little brother Joey, both wearing the Christmas gifts I knitted them this year. (Yeah, that’s the Gryffindor scarf.) Joey’s even playing with one of the chickens I made him! Isn’t he a sweetie?

Here are a couple other random photos I’ve been meaning to post…

The first is my new Venus Fly Trap, which I bought at the hardware store last week. Isn’t he cute? I’ve put him on top of the worm farm, thinking he might feast on some of the gnats that hang around there. Second is the Snook’s latest brewing invention, a “heat exchange”. As I understand it, the biggest problem for Australian brewers is chilling the stuff quickly enough after you’ve brewed it. He came up with this system, which involves a coil of copper pipe with plastic tubing on either end. The coil goes down in the big pot of brew, and one end of the hose is hooked on the cold water tap. The other end runs into a bucket. Turn it on, and voila! Heat exchange. It worked really well. (And don’t worry, fellow Greenies, I made him save the water to use in the garden.)

Venus Fly Trap     Heat Exchanger


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  1. a venus fly trap to stand guard over the worm farm? absolute genius, and cool to boot!

  2. I hope that those aren’t dirty dishes next to Snook’s brew-in-progress. Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to brewing! (I would hate to see the tragedy that is a good beer gone bad.) 😉

    The pic of your sister and brother is very sweet. Nice knitting!

  3. Unfortunately our kitchen possesses neither cleanliness nor Godliness, so you got me. 🙂

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