Columbine Peak Socks

Another FO!
(That’s “Finished Object” for you non-knitters.) After doing two pairs of simple basic socks, I was ready to expand my skills. So I cracked open my copy of Socks Soar on Two Circulars* and picked out the “Columbine Peaks” pattern. The leg of the sock has a lacy pattern that forms little v-shaped mountain peaks that continue down onto the foot. It wasn’t too hard, though you do have to count and sometimes I have difficulty with that. (Handy tip: Knitting and wine don’t go together so well.) Now they’re finally done. Unfortunately the Sockenwool I had was rainbow-colored so the pattern doesn’t show up so well, but I still like them. They give me the craziest urge to buy some Birkenstocks and walk around like a German tourist. (Note: That second image is a big scan and shows the stitch pattern nicely.)

Ignore my hairy legs!     Scan

* Although I like the technique used, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book for beginners. I’ve found several frustrating errors in the patterns. You can see a list of some corrections here.


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  1. You should make cloth diaper covers. There is a HUGE market for them on-line. I pay $35-45 for one. They are the best and there are a lot of people who will buy them.

    Here is a few links so you can know what the hell I am talking about. They are called wool soakers.

    I would buy on e from you because I LOVE the colors you use in the things you make!

  2. Hmm, I’ve never heard of such a thing before, Kellie! Thanks for the links. They look pretty easy, to tell you the truth. I could probably knock one of those out in an evening. I’ll see if I can find a free pattern anywhere and add it to my list of requests… 🙂

  3. This are some outstanding socks.

  4. Insert *those*. And hand me another beer. And knit me some socks too.

  5. I used that yarn for some socks too! (great minds and all) did you get the Sock Soar book locally?

  6. Heh. I will knit socks on commission, Mike, if you like. 🙂

    Naw, Amy, I think I ordered it from I’ll lend it to you if you want. To be honest, once you get the basic technique (which you can pretty much learn off the Internet for free anyway) I don’t think the patterns are that useful. The reviews on Amazon are fairly accurate. But stop in next time you’re in this part of town and you can check it out yourself.

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