Weekend Knitting Output

Weekend knitting outputWeekend Knitting Output
As expected, I spent most of the Famine on the couch knitting and watching videos. In terms of the latter, I made it through I, Claudius (parts I-II) and Cold Comfort Farm. (I saw something nasty in the woodshed!) With the knitting, I made a good start on the Ravenclaw scarf commission I got last week. (In case you’re wondering, those are the colors from the book, not the movie.) I also cranked out three cotton “Reverse Bloom Flower Washcloths” from the Weekend Knitting book. I’m planning to send them out as gifts to my Famine supporters. Cute, huh? I still need to block them so they lie flat, but I’m happy with how they turned out.


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  1. Excellent–I’m officially *not* picking up a new store-bought shower scrubbie in anticipation of the washcloth!

  2. Hee. I had a moment’s hesitation as to whether they’d be appreciated by guys but you’ve put my mind at ease!

  3. I LOVE those dishclothes! great job!

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