Another Hogwarts Scarf!

Ravenclaw ScarfAnother Hogwarts Scarf!
As you can see, I’ve just finished an old-school Ravenclaw scarf as a commission for a nice Aussie girl named Kat. (Kat went with the “blue and bronze” color scheme from the book as opposed to the “blue and silver” from the movie.) The Snook was kind enough to model for me (as usual). It was knitted with Cleckheaton Country 8-ply 100% wool. Somehow my gauge was off from the last one I did, which resulted in a slightly skinner yet longer scarf. The dimensions on this one were 6″ wide by 76″ long (not counting fringe). That should keep Kat pretty warm throughout this winter!

Stay tuned for a revamp of my Harry Potter Scarves page with more pictures and descriptions.


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  1. i know this is a rather old post, but are you still selling harry potter scarves?

    i had the page bookmarked at, but it says “page not found” now. D:

    feel free to respond via e-mail (if you have the time, et cetera).

  2. Hi Melissa, I’m not really doing them anymore… mostly because I just got tired of it. They’re not very exciting scarves to knit! And quite frankly, even at the seventy bucks I was charging, I was still losing money on the proposition. (Twenty hours of labor is a LOT.) I suppose if someone was desperate I could maybe work something out, but they’d have to offer me something pretty enticing! 🙂

  3. i make mine out of fleece fabric.. much quicker and just as warm. I made mine the same size as yours 6″ wide by 72″ long – double thick.

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