Sick and tired.

Sick and tired.
Just finished my second week at the new job… and I’m sick as a dog. I started getting a sore throat yesterday at work and now it’s turning into a full blown illness of some kind. I’m all hot and muddle-headed. I’m terrified that my wicked tonsilitis from last year will return and I’ll have to have them removed. Anybody have any good home remedies for warding off a throat infection? Bonus points if it doesn’t involve me gargling anything particularly nasty.


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  1. * Lemon and Honey as a thick concoction nuked in the microwave and sip it slowly.
    * Really galicky and ginger soup with flat rice noodles, maybe some deep fried tofu or some chicken, with honey and lime. Add Chilli if you’d like. And lots of greens.
    * Echinacea and Zinc tablets.
    (Retail is horrible for contagious diseases).

  2. Echinacea; early and often with lots of fluids.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. sleep and watch Oprah. We all know that daytime Tv is a fate worse than death and makes you want to go back to work asap. :0

  4. Gargle with salt water. Very good for killing off anything nasty lurking in there. There’s also a Betadine gargle, but that’s made with iodine, so it’s nasty.

  5. Oh man, I was SICK last week – but only *really bad* for about 24 hours, so I’m happy to be out of it. There’s nasty things going around!

  6. Thanks everyone. I discovered that I’ve actually got some Betadine left from the last time I was sick. Seems to be doing the trick. Throat’s not too sore, anyway. Maybe this will just be a little cold that blows over soon! *crosses fingers*

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