SMH Boycott

As the Sydney Morning Herald is now fully requiring registration to read their articles, I’m starting a personal boycott against them. I’ll be getting my news from the ABC from now on. I also sent the SMH an e-mail complaining about the policy and pointing to this story about the New York Times, which points out how irrelevent the Times is online as a result of their stupid registration requirement. My rage is sated.


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  1. The Age is doing it too. It’s set to click in when you try to access a second article. Those bastards.

  2. No boycott needed. Use a group password from, such as – Login details for Account #1: Joe_Smith2004, pass. This Web site was set up specifically to enable people to read news on registered sites.

  3. Thanks Carrie, that’s such a good idea. 🙂

  4. I know about bugmenot, and heck, if I wanted to do that I could’ve set up my own password and let you guys use it whenever I wanted to read their stories. But it’s the principle of the thing! I’m putting my foot down. I shouldn’t have to resort to shadiness just to read the news. Hence my boycott.

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