My So-Called Closure

My So-Called Closure
At last. Remember when I ordered the My So-Called Life DVDs, oh, two years ago? What a nightmare that turned out to be. First of all, the company turned out to be completely dodgy and it took over six months for me to finally receive the discs. Then the “exclusive” deal turned out to be not-so-exclusive and the same set turned up on Amazon for less than I paid. The company swore they’d make it up to us with a MSCL lunch box and bonus disc, but before that could happen the owner got arrested by the FBI for various other swindles. It’s been well over a year and I sorta wrote the whole thing off. Lo and behold, today I got an e-mail from a wholly unconnected third party who’d managed to get his hands on both the bonus materials and the list of customers! (Thank God I still check my old Yahoo address.) All I had to do was pay another $15 for shipping to Australia. Which sucks, but hey, I’ll finally get my damn lunch box. If you were involved and haven’t heard anything from them yet, check the forums. The guy in charge seems to be pretty helpful, considering he’s doing all this for free.


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  1. I got one an email about the bonus material a few weeks ago, making the same offer. I replied that since as far as I was concerned I’d cancelled my order with AnotherUniverse (albeit never actually receiving a refund) so I didn’t see how I could reasonably claim to be entitled to the bonus disk when the order of which it was part had been cancelled. I’d mentally written the whole thing off shortly after I ordered the replacement set of disks from Amazon anyway.

    Incidentally, I don’t think it was ever a secret that the basic DVD set would be available through other retailers eventually. The attraction of AnotherUniverse was that a) they had the first batch of disks and exclusive rights to distribute the title for a limited period, and b) they had exclusive access to the bonus materials.

    As it happens I’ve been reading Eric Holdridge’s fanfic version of MSCL season 2 this week, so I’m feeling quite nostalgic about the show. Time to dig out the DVDs again this weekend for one more look, I think…

  2. Hey, just wondering if you ever received these bonus items. I ordered them too oh-so-long ago and never got them or even heard from them again after I received my DVDs. I thought I would check in on it again, but all the forums that used to discuss it are gone.

  3. Yeah, I actually did! I left my address through the forums and Paypalled the guy the extra shipping to Australia, and I finally got it. I think I basically looked at it for about thirty seconds before plonking it on a shelf, but at least I got the damn thing…

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