Tales from the Knitting Trenches

Tales from the Knitting Trenches
Since I’m sure none of you have been able to sleep from the anticipation, I’m happy to be able to bring you the end of the Saga of Angora Man. You remember him, right? Well, our knitter finished his sweater fairly quickly and I was eager to get a look at it. It’s your basic men’s crew-neck sweater… just in extremely fluffy snow-white angora. We discovered a problem when we went to call him though – his number didn’t work! I guess that’s what non-refundable deposits are for, right? But wait, this story has a happy ending. A few weeks ago I was busy cutting some embroidery fabric for a customer when I noticed a familiar fuzziness in my peripheral vision. I looked up. It was him! “Hey!” I said. “It’s you, Angora Ma–” (Just caught myself there.) “And you’re wearing a new sweater! Gee, it’s sooo lovely!” And yes, folks, he was wearing a third white angora sweater. This one was also a women’s garment, as evidenced by the puffy sleeves and the panel of smocking on the front. “Your new sweater is ready!” I told him. “It’s really gorgeous!” We took him over and he immediately wanted to model it. I had to deal with other customers but evidently he was pestering the other manager for ages. Did it fit right? Did it hang correctly? It really didn’t seem to be hanging quite right, he thought. Losh had the unenviable task of trying to explain that this was simply because he’d been wearing ladies’ sweaters, and the new one was actually a men’s garment. In the end he was happy enough, though, and forked over the rest of the cash. And thus ends the strange, fluffy tale of Angora Man.

In other news, I’m in the latest issue of Creative Knitting! I met the original editor, Nicola, eighteen months ago at a Stitch & Bitch in the city. Earlier this year she read on Amy’s site about my career change. She e-mailed me and asked if I’d write the “Cable Knits” section for the next issue. (It’s just a little sidebar where a knitter talks about what they’re doing right now.) Anyway, I sent my copy off to her and pretty much forgot about it. Then in the past 24 hours I had two different customers at the store ask me if I was “the girl from Creative Knitting.” Yeah, that’s me! So I ran out at lunch to buy a copy. It’s really cheezy and kinda “gee-whiz!”, but apparently it was also pretty memorable, so I’m proud of it. Read on to see a scan.My Cable Knits column


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  1. thanks for filling in the rest of the Angora Man story. quite amusing!

  2. actually, i was wondering what happened to angora man! thanks for the closure :o)

  3. I love hearing the update about Angora Man, too.

    Congratulations on your article in Creative Knitting! I’m very impressed by the way that you are pursuing your dreams; it’s very brave. And I’m wow’ed by your self-taught advances in knitting and crafts. I’m taking my second knitting class now (advanced beginner) because all I could make after my first class was scarves; I couldn’t read patterns, or do anything above knitting straight lines.

  4. Remind me to tell you guys about Creepy Jesus Lady sometime…

  5. You’re such a knitting star! Angora sweater man made me laugh, I’ve been telling the story to my friends, because it’s such a great tale! Please do tell about Creepy Jesus Lady!

  6. Oh, tell us about Creepy Jesus Lady! When does the shop move?

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