It’s all about me and the make-up guy.

Better Homes & Gardens ScreengrabIt’s all about me and the make-up guy.
As you might’ve seen in the comments of the previous post, the “pub knitting” filming I went to last month has finally been televised. I’m not in it very much, but there’s a nice shot of me helping the make-up guy fix his fake-knitting and you can definitely see the “I Heart Knitting” shirt. Click on the screenshot to watch the whole thing. (File is 5MB.) But yeah, whatever. It’s pretty lame. I can’t believe they used the “First Rule of Knit Club” joke for the commercial bumper. We also filmed a LOT more than they ended up using (which is weird considering they clearly use at least one shot twice). They don’t mention any details about the knitting group and never even name the pub. It was a meaningless bit of filler to promote some stupid novelty blanket pattern in their latest issue. Bah, humbug.

Note: Please let me know if you have any problems with the video. It lags and stutters on my Mac but the Snook swears up and down it runs perfectly on his Linux desktop, therefore mine must be the problem. Just so you know.


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  1. I saw quite a bit of stuttering on my iMac (1GHz, 768MB RAM, QT Plugin v7.01) too. QT had downloaded the whole movie before I started playing, so it wasn’t due to bandwidth issues. However, playing the file using VLC there was no stuttering at all – perhaps it’s a QT player problem?

  2. Hmm. That’s what I’m thinking too. I found that if I let it play through once all stuttery and then manually dragged the progress bar back to the beginning, it often played perfectly. I wonder what the deal is.

  3. once I got it downloaded it worked perfectly. I can’t believe they didnt name the bloody pub! WTF? (or what CITY it is in!) I’m still going to put a link on the web site just cuz. (I noticed who WASN’T show on camera, wink wink)

  4. Yeah, how weird is that? There were only five of us that showed up; they could’ve at least made sure we all got our faces shown.

  5. I just used plain ‘ol Windows Media Player, and mine was jumpy as hell too.. I even missed whole sections!

  6. Geez, you made me watch it. It stutters twice in Windows Media Player (in the same place each time) on an XP laptop (IBM T40, 1.6 Ghz, 512 ram) that is probably running some sort of work spyware that spybot can’t find – but hey, I’m at home and off the clock.

  7. Ok, I tried QT and Real Player. On QT it was almost unwatchable. On Real Player it was marginally better but squished into 4:3 ratio. Media Player did best, but still stutters right after returning from the commercial

  8. Thanks heaps for posting that!! If you are sick of watching the stuttering, a video copy has been promised to us by the researcher from the show.
    BTW, this Monday is easter monday so we’re taking a week off at the unnamed pub in the unnamed city which was recently featured on a [name suppressed] tv show. See you on April 11th!

  9. Heehee. Thanks for the update, Meg. All the comments about the stuttering finally convinced the Snook that his encoding realy was at fault, so he’s been working on a better version. (Our original recording wasn’t stuttery; jut the Internet copy.) I’m hoping to upload it this weekend.

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