Knitty Pattern Round-Up

ClapotisKnitty Pattern Round-Up
Finally I’ve got another Finished Object to share with you, along with two knitted Gifts. First is my take on the ubiquitous Clapotis. I never planned to knit one of these wraps (which have gotten ridiculously popular in the last year), but I just happened to be listening to the KnitCast interview with the designer on the same day that we got this luscious new shade of Noro in… and I was powerless to resist. I worked out that I needed six balls of Kureyon to do the pattern as written, but after I’d casted it off I realized I wanted it longer and frogged it back to include a seventh ball. As it is, I can wear it as either a really big scarf or a smallish wrap. I like it. (I blocked mine out into a rectangle and I prefer it knit-side out, both of which are different from the model photos.) Next is Shimmer, a glamorous little lacy shrug that was knitted by my friend Miss Fee. She made it for herself to wear for a wedding but afterwards decided it was too big to wear again (and too nice to consider unraveling). She persuaded me to try it on and pronounced it a perfect fit, and then she gave it to me! How nice is that? It’s knitted out of Filatura di Crosa’s Zara mixed with Night to give it a bit of glitz. I know I was anti-shrug before, but this one is just so pretty and girly! I need to get some nice tops to wear with it. And last is the long-awaited picture of baby Ruth Cunningham wearing the Norgi jumper I knitted her. I have no idea how Nat and Staci managed to get it over her head, but doesn’t it look adorable anyway? I love it with her little jeans!

Shimmer   Ruth in her Norgi


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  1. those shrugs are v. pop in chicago, and i’ll go on record saying i kind of hate them. if you have big boobs, you look like a dumpy jerk. BUT, now, i love this one; and i’m not blowing smoke – it looks GREAT on you! giirrrrrl, you look good!

    p.s., that baby couldn’t be happier.

  2. wow the clapotis look great in the Noro. That is a gourgeous colour too. And a fine example of Fair Isle on a happy baby.

  3. Thanks, Annemarie! It was great meeting you today… I’ll be watching your blog. 🙂

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