Beefy Mac

Here I am suffering through an aching jaw and a bout of mental diet weakness/exhaustion, and Max has to go and post this. If only it were possible to eat pixels… *drool*


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  1. If only I could attach some beefy mac to an email!

    If it’s any consolation, I’d trade all my beefy mac for some warm weather right now…and one bowl (okay, one LARGE bowl) really played havoc with my morning weigh-in today. Guess who will be killing himself at the gym this afternoon? Sigh…

  2. At least I managed to redirect my urge to binge onto something vaguely healthy. I bought a big bag of grapes and snacked on them all afternoon. (I only recently realized I like grapes.) But guess how much I ended up eating? LIKE A POUND AND A HALF.

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