I am such a sheep. I can have zero inclination to knit a particular garment, but as soon as I hear it mentioned in a podcast I just have to make it. (See Clapotis.) The latest one to catch my attention is the Rogue Hoodie, which everybody in the world made ages ago. I was like, “Eh, that’s nice,” and I admired the one Crumpet knit, but I didn’t feel any particular compulsion to make it. Recently I’ve been catching up with the back-episodes of Cast-On though, and in episode five Brenda talks about making Rogue and how much she loves the pattern. And suddenly I found myself tossing up between 10plys to knit it in. *sigh* How predictable. Anyway, I’m seriously thinking about this gorgeous new New Zealand merino we just got in the shop. Am I insane? I know it’ll probably be too warm to wear for ten months of the year… and maybe I’m just being too much of a sheep… but I just can’t stop looking at those cables. My dalliance with fairisle has been forgotten with the re-emergence of my cable addiction. Does anybody want to try to talk me into/out of this?


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  1. baaaaah! I think it’s a great design, but I’ll never understand how it became such a huge hit, with all those knit-alongs. It would suit your new body.

  2. I can’t talk you out of it. I made it and the only use I get out of it is 5am during the winter and in one of my classes where the average room temp is 70F.

    It is not a bad knit, so if you need to do it to get over this, it won’t take too long.

  3. Pssst — I knit Mariah, not Rogue. But I do want to knit Rogue…

  4. Oh good grief. I can’t even read, obviously. 🙂

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