Monday already?

The weekends go so fast. Saturday the Snook and I went on a major hike from our place through the city, across the Bridge, and all the way to North Sydney. Along the way we stopped at Kings Comics to pick up our free comic books and then at Giordano so I could buy a pink cotton cardigan I’ve had my eye on. Our eventual goal was Dave’s Home Brew so the Snook could pick up supplies. It took us about two hours all together and by the end of it, my hamstring was hurting pretty badly. I relaxed at home in a hot bath with Epsom salts. I also successfully shortened the Looking Glass Jumper by about six inches. (The yarn seems to have dropped considerably, and it was just way too long. Sunday I worked on the Snook’s cotton jumper while he brewed up a British bitter. We also went for a nice jog around Pyrmont. (My leg was feeling much better.) I made some roasted vegetable soup and we watched several episodes of Buffy. Is it time to go back to work already?!


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  1. I missed free comic book day! Can I come over and read yours?

  2. We got Transformers and Star Wars. Are you sure you want to? 🙂

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