Labelling your Food

AskMetaFilter comes through with ideas for labelling your food in communal food storage situations. Some of those are pretty funny. My favorite is the guy who put “MILK EXPERIMENT” on his milk cartons.


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  1. I’m presently working in a biology department, and I’ll never get used to the notice on the fridge: “FOOD ONLY IN THIS FRIDGE PLEASE”

  2. I had a moment of irrational food rage last week. I often buy a big 2 liter bottle of water on the way to work so I drink from it all day at my desk. I know it’s a stupid extravagance, but our tap water tastes funny and I like that I can tell when I’ve drank my daily requirement. (For some reason I also find it easier to drink if I know I’ve paid for it.) I was out helping customers for a long time and when I came back to my desk, half my water was gone! One of my co-workers had had a guest in the office who just HELPED THEMSELVES to my water sitting there. I’m like, “Why did you let them? You knew it was mine!” And their only comeback was, “Well, they used a cup.” BIG DEAL! You don’t take stuff that’s not yours.

  3. I’m like that with my gloves at school (we have to wear gloves when putting copper plates in the acid bath to etch). I can’t handle the thought of others wearing my gloves — what if they give me some weird sweaty hand disease??!? I don’t put them in my locker though, because I don’t want to get wetness (either acid or water) on the other stuff in there, so I drape them over my desk. Lots of people ask if they can use them, and I say no (except when they just need to use them to open a bottle or something extremely minor and lacking in the sweat factor). So instead of walking a block to the supermarket to spend $2 on a pack of gloves for themselves, they go and ask everyone else for gloves…!

    Sorry for the rant — I guess I just had to get that out. 😀

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