Tie me kangaroo down, sport

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
I was interviewing another American chick at the shop the other day and I asked her if she was a “dualie” (meaning dual citizen) yet. “No, not yet,” she said. “I’ve still got another year of residence to go. What about you?” And I suddenly realized that, yeah, I’m probably eligible for Australian citizenship. So I came home and double-checked my passport. Yep, I’m a permanent resident who’s been here for more than four years. I surfed on over to the Australian Citizenship website to check out the details. “Whaddaya know… I can apply online!” So I did. Fifteen minutes and one-hundred-and-twenty bucks later, Kris is going to be an Australian! Okay, so I still have to go to an interview and show them that I can speak English and I know the principles of mateship and the Australian way of life (it’s all about lamb, right?), but it’s pretty much a done deal. In a month or two, I’ll get to attend a ceremony (ooh, please let Clover be there!) and say the magic words and get a tree or something and yadda yadda yadda, I’ll be ‘Strine. (Don’t worry; I’ve already been to one so I know what to do.) You are, of course, all invited to participate in this momentous occasion. (For some reason, I think it would be really funny if the Sydney Photobloggers showed up.) And then, you guessed it, we will be throwing the mother of all winter barbies, the Web-Goddess Becomes a Right Aussie Sheila Party. Details will follow once we know the date.


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  1. but… but.. what if one of the Sydney CABINET MINISTERS turns up instead of Clover? Tony Abbott? John Howard? Brrrr! It’s a recurring mightmare of mine. It happened to someone I know and she had a hard time not leaving as soon as Howard arrived.

  2. EEK! And maybe he’d single me out, because I have the same name and stuff! You’d definitely want to be there then, if only to help the Snook bail me out of the clink afterwards.

  3. STREUTH MATE! Good on ya love. Let me know when and where and I’ll turn up with my outdated digital camera.

  4. The Web-Goddess Becomes a Right Aussie Sheila Party. Fucking fried gold.

  5. You’ll have to make another trip up from Melbourne, crumpet! 🙂

  6. about time! good on ya, darl! and just hope no liberal turns up (although, you’ll probably get tanya plibersek).

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