Strawberry Tea Cosy

Strawberry Tea CosyStrawberry Tea Cosy
Ma Snook called up the other night to confirm that Rodd’s Auntie is indeed having a booth at this year’s Fifties Fair, and would I mind making some knitted pieces for it? I decided to turn it into a challenge: Just how many tea cosies can one woman knit in two weeks? I polished off the first one in two days. I found the pattern through Ravelry and it’s available online. I used some leftover Gryffindor scarf yarn for the red and yellow, and some cheap Kmart acrylic for the green. I think the effect is definitely kitschy and cute. On to the next one!


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  1. please no more dead acriles I love the tea cosy though – if you need some real wool I will raid my stash for you

  2. Love this, kitsch and cute and all.

  3. Oh yes, it’s cute indeed!

  4. Does this mean that you will be going the the 50’s Fair this year? Cuz you know I’ll be there! (And don’t forget my 8 ball cozy pattern, it’s super easy)

  5. Yep, I’ll be there. In fact, my work roster just changed (again) so I’ve got Sundays off, so we’ll probably spend the day up there. And thanks for the reminder… I’ve almost finished #2 and that’ll be perfect for pattern #3!

  6. Haha is that Snook’s hot lesbian auntie???

  7. I’ll introduce you. 🙂

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