Violet’s Cardy and GVH Socks

Finished Objects Report!
Violet's Cardigan and BootiesAs I mentioned before, my friend Brigita had a baby (named Violet!) and I wanted to make her something. So last week I cracked open Debbie Bliss’s Baby Cashmerino 2 and cast on for the “Cardigan with Moss Stitch Edging.” It’s a very quick little knit, especially when you modify it to the knit the body on a circular up to the armholes. I had three balls of Baby Cashmerino in colour #340010, but when I finished I found I had at least half a ball left over. That means booties! These are from a pattern I had in my Ravelry queue called “Saartje’s Bootees.” (It’s a free download on that site.) Again, very quick to knit. And aren’t the little wooden buttons just perfect? We actually had them at the shop and I couldn’t resist. I’ll be sending this off to Brigita today… I hope Violet likes it!

GVH Conwy SocksNext up are my “GVH Conwy Socks.” Conwy is a pattern from Knitting on the Road, and while I still like the look of it, it wasn’t that fun to knit. The little twisting cables just get really, really boring. I used Colinette Jitterbug in the Velvet Damson colourway on 2.75mm needles. And as you will remember, I ran short. I couldn’t bring myself to frog them back though, so I used some leftover Sirdar Town & Country to finish the toes… Hence the “GVH” (i.e. “Graft Versus Host”). They’re a little bit Frankenstein, aren’t they? I still love the Jitterbug colour though, and I’m definitely going to wear them.


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  1. OK love the baby’s coat.
    Have you noticed that designers put pockets on baby things? I never knew babies liked to put things in their pockets hehehe…
    (Just friday-afternoon-itis kicking in over here)

  2. I know. I actually had a woman in the shop two weeks ago making this cardy and having loads of trouble with the pockets, so I told her to leave them off. “Pockets on baby garments are stupid!” But then I went ahead and did them anyway. πŸ™‚

  3. The booties are adorable! I do like the cardi, though I’ve knitted 3 debbie bliss baby things now and they do get a little boring to knit…. That said I may do that one. I don’t know what sex this baby is though, is purple too girly? and a baby boy wear such fabulous looking booties? will the other babies point, will the mothers at mother’s group look at me pityingly? Will anyone care when it’s covered in curdy vomit?

  4. Oh, my gosh, an adorable violet sweater for a baby named Vioet?! That is so adorable.

  5. So lovely and adorable (I peeked)! Violet is glad that the cardy has pockets, so she has a place to put her pacifier.

    Thanks so much! Our girl is lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful Auntie. πŸ™‚

  6. You weren’t supposed to look! I figured you’d be too busy with the baby to get spoiled! (There are a few other things in the package too, so at least there’ll still be some surprise.) πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry–I have no will power (and apparently more time on my hands than most new moms)! Fortunately Miss V. likes to poop out in Mom’s arms after a feeding, leaving me one hand to surf with. πŸ™‚

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