Irish Tea Cosy

Irish Tea CosyIrish Tea Cosy
I’ve just finished my second tea cosy for the aforementioned Great Tea Cosy Challenge. I also found this one on Ravelry, and the pattern is available online. (There are two mistakes though; I’ll list them after the jump.) It was kinda fun knitting something without a picture to refer to. I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to look like! I also had my first go at making pompoms. This cosy features an open top with a drawstring, which is nice if you’ve got a particularly odd-shaped lid or a handle on top. Even using 4mm needles and 8ply yarn, this is still a fairly large cosy. We only have small teapots, so I fudged the photo by propping our little pot up on a dishtowel. In terms of yarn, I again used some random cheap acrylic that I found in the bottom of my stash. (I’d never purposefully buy acrylic now that I’m a yarn-store-workin’ fiber snob!) Anyway, that’s two down!Pattern Errata (as posted on Ravelry:

In the Popcorn Panel, row 1 should read:
Row 1: P2, P3, turn, K3, turn, P3 tog, P1, P3, turn, K3, turn, P3tog, P2.

In the Diamond Panel, row 11 should read:
Row 11: P1, slip next stitch to cable needle, hold in back of work, K1, P stitch from cable needle, (K1, P1) 4 times, slip next stitch to cable needle, K1, K stitch from cable needle, P1.

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  1. I can well imagine my Irish Grandmother making me wear this on my head on a cold wintry day when I could not find my hat and was running late for school.

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