Rusted Root

Rusted RootRusted Root
I should officially move this one into the FO pile! I started Rusted Root in March as a palate-cleanser during the rush to finish Na Craga. I tweaked the pattern a fair bit based on mods I saw on Ravelry (using tubular cast-on for the neckline, adding a few rows in the sleeves, putting in hip shaping, etc). I was unhappy with the waist though, and at knitting camp last weekend I decided to frog it back and try something different. The girls suggested a simple roll edging (rather than a rib). I think it really works! It makes the whole thing just a little more casual, which is appropriate given that it’s really just a cotton t-shirt. I’m still not sure it’s the most flattering style for a large-busted gal, but since when has that stopped me before? I used 3.5mm needles for the ribs and 4.0mm for the body. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Buttercream, and I only used 4 skeins! More details over on Ravelry.


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  1. Actually, I’ve been thinking about knitting this but was worried b/c while I’m slim, I am large-busted and tall. Some shirts like this just exaggerate all that. but it looks great on you, which I think is partially because of the color. Good job. Now I want to knit it even more.

  2. OM Goodness, it is beautiful, and I am a man saying that. It is really one of the most amazing sweaters I have seen. If you did that with mid forearm sleeves with the pattern down the sleeves it would look great as well and take away some of the worries Brittanie posted. Amazing work!

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